A business coach can dramatically help you to develop your business; to scale it to a different level with different results and achieve greater financial outcomes with less stress and less risk, but none of this happens by accident. It takes skills and abilities in a wide range of areas. I don’t believe in certifications and accreditations for their own sake and I am not one of those people who aimlessly gather qualifications around themselves. However, I do believe that mastery of any craft demands mastery of the tools of that craft and I do believe we owe it to our clients to be masters of our craft.

I have personally chosen 6 to 10 tools that I believe to be essential in helping a client to develop their skills and because I believe in excellence, I have studied and trained in the use of those tools over the years and earned the certifications along the way. Certification represents a commitment to learning and developing and to excellence. Businesses don’t scale by accident and it takes a commitment to learn and to grow. Becoming a world class coach doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a commitment to learn and grow and to develop the necessary skills and knowledge.

I have selected a suite of best in class certifications so that I can help my clients be best in class too. Clifton Strengthsfinder, Scaling Up Rockefeller Habits, DiSC, Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team and Emotional Intelligence are just some of the certifications that I have been awarded. All of which can help my clients develop some of the skills and some of the thinking that have been proven to be the difference that makes the difference. Like any tool, a true master will know which tool to use when and under what circumstances, but any client will know that I am qualified and capable of choosing and using the very best tool for him or her. And as a true craftsman it is not a case of finding a situation where any particular tool may represent the solution. It is a case of having the right tool and the right level of expertise available when the situation demands it. It is about the client not the tool.

Certification shows that a coach has taken his mastery seriously and has chosen to make the investment in the methodology that can best serve the client. It can be a badge of excellence that you can trust.

- Russell Sawdon - Flowerhouse

"Thank you for inviting me onto your 90 Day Planning Course. It was the best money I have ever spent on a training course. There was so many fantastic tips that I know that this alone will more than pay for the course many times over."

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