Business Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Business Coaching Cost?
A: see the article here

Q: I work with my wife/ brother if we are coached together is that twice the price?
A: No, business coaching with Kinnery is the same price whether there are one, two or more people involved, however coaching more than one person at a time can, sometimes be less effective and there is a distinct difference between business coaching and Scaling Up team coaching.

Q: What is the difference between business coaching and Scaling up coaching?
A: Business coaching with Kinnery is about growing the leader to grow the business. This usually involves one to one coaching with the business owner / leader. Scaling Up coaching with Kinnery is about developing the Leadership Team to work effectively together to scale the business. This is team coaching and takes place as a team. Scaling usually refers to a growth rate of more than 20% per annum.

Q: if I feel I am not getting value, what can I do?
A: As your business coach and trusted advisor at Kinnery I guarantee you will get more value than you are paying for. If you don’t feel that is happening, you must bring that to my attention immediately so we can understand why. Business coaching works but if you can’t make it work for you, for whatever reason, you should stop coaching and stop paying. If this happens in the first month, I will refund your investment in full, as I didn’t do a good enough job of being clear about the way business coaching works best for you to make the right decision.

Q: Why do you charge by the month?
A: Although business coaching often involves fixes that are quick, it is not, of itself, a quick fix. It is about changing behaviours and developing the system, the skills to operate the system and the disciplines to be able to do so with repeatable effectiveness in the moment. It involves learning and practice. Therefore, engagements will be more long term. To promote the thought that a single session would be effective would be misleading for new clients although previous clients will often return for a specific session or two on a well defined and specific topic.

Q: Why do you insist we meet weekly?
A: All the research of peak performance and accelerated learning support regular learning sessions followed by implementation followed by reflection and feedback. So that is the way my engagements are structured. Not only does it work very well but clients start to implement similar rhythms to develop their people and processes.

Q: Why don’t we meet for longer, less frequently?
A: See the answer above. It is simply not as effective. If we were to spend an afternoon together, you would have so many improvement ideas, not only would you not know where to start, you would need to take a rest and by the time you had gathered yourself back up again you would have wasted the opportunity to implement and learn.

Q: What if one of us is going on holiday?
A: Holidays are important and are encouraged. It is difficult to improve when you are mentally fatigued. It is the client’s choice to make. Some clients will double up the time before and /or after their holiday; some will take on a bigger project while on holiday when they have the time to devote to it. Some will just take 2 weeks away from coaching and many just carry on regardless. This relationship is based on mutual trust so we will do whatever works best.

Q: What if we can’t get through everything in the time available?
A: One of the major advantages in having an agreed coaching rhythm is that we know that there will be another session next week and the week after and although we will agree the length of each meeting running over length is quite commonplace. It is a relationship based on trust. And finally if, in the short term, there is a need to spend more time with the coach, that can also be arranged.

- Lynn Beasley - Washington Direct Mail

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