Set Your Sails Well

The late Jim Rohn 1930 -2009 was a gifted motivational speaker and author. He inspired the likes of Tony Robbins and even to this day his wisdom is both immense and relevant. If you haven’t read or listened to him...


What you deserve

The biggest challenge that many businesses are currently facing is around people. It is a global problem. The amount of vacant positions is met with the lowest number of people actually looking for work. For many millions work just isnt...


Choose Well

Every morning is brightened up by the greeting my dog gives me. His boundless enthusiasm reminds me that today is another new day and I get to choose what I am going to make of that fresh opportunity. Invariably my...


Who do you want to be?

I bet when you were a kid you had heroes, and I bet that you wanted to be just like your hero. Maybe it was Superman, or David Beckham, Eric Clapton or Scary Spice. If you are anything like me...


A Brilliant New Year

A friend asked me what my thoughts were on the coming year and he was surprised that my response was so positive. Given all of the dire warnings of the last few weeks he asked me why. I explained that...


Working Two Jobs

Every time I see an American movie or biography I hear the phrase that someone was working two jobs to support them or their family. It is tough and it is heroic but it struck me that pretty much every...


Busy doesn’t mean growth

And growth doesn’t mean busy, but as leaders we often confuse the two. It isn't fair that so many hard working, honourable and ambitious people get stuck in the busy-ness trap. This confusion is partly to blame. Let’s be clear...


Red Storm Warnings

It is the last thing anyone wants. After a couple of very difficult years everyone has a right to want to ‘get back to normal’. Let’s be honest normal has left the building and is never coming back. Get used...


Letting Go

When we start out on our careers or as a start up business the rules are pretty clear, if it needs doing we need to do it. So at the start of a business the founder does everything or it...


Customer Service is Dead

It can certainly feel that way these days if you try to buy something or access a service. The pandemic has changed lots of things and our attitude to customers seems to be one of those things. I have noticed...


They Have Got To Want To

I am a big believer in the power of team work as you probably know, and teamwork is a strange and fickle concept. Fickle in the sense that it isn't necessarily easy or straightforward to generate or to maintain. One...


A Foregone Conclusion

  In describing an entrepreneur I often say that an entrepreneur is someone who has the drive and ability to make something happen. She doesn’t wait for permission, or help, she just gets on and makes it happen. All the...

- Diane Williamson - Butterwick Hospice

"It's sometimes hard to find the way to thank people for their help and support, but I would like to try and thank you wholeheartedly for coaching me to become a better leader at Butterwick."

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