Covid 19 Business Support

Business coaching is about working with a business to support and develop it. To put plans in place for the short, medium, and long term, and to help it get there.

I work with a lot of companies: helping them to grow their business through developing their thinking and the right skills, recruiting the right staff, finding new customers and sorting out their processes.

Normally, this is the ideal approach. But right now, things aren’t normal. Most companies are hunkering down, focusing on the next 6 months, and to be blunt, simply still want to be standing at the end of this pandemic.

So, I have decided to offer some free help to businesses I don’t currently work with to get through the next 6 months.

If you need help, or if you are not sure what to do, please give me a call.

I will give you up to 60-90 minutes of help, free of charge. Feel free to access my business knowledge, skills, experience and ideas to help you get through the next 6 months.

Personal Transformation

There is no limit to what people can achieve. The difference between an average company and a transformational one lies in you – the person at the top: your vision, your will, your commitment, your discipline, and in the actions you take to change from who you are into what you want to be. Your life’s work and legacy are defined not by what you say, but by what you do to make yourself the best you can be – and by how you make a difference to others.
For the business to really grow and transform, the individuals also need to grow and transform.

Team Transformation

Organisations only really perform well and achieve transformational results when the leadership team:

  • Displays vulnerability-based trust
  • Practices productive, issue-based, healthy conflict
  • Demonstrates total commitment based on true weigh-in, buy-in, and clarity
  • Is individually accountable and holds each other to account, irrespective of hierarchy
  • Achieves clear and aligned results that are focused on the ‘greater good of the organisation’
  • Has done the continual hard work required to achieve transformational success

Leadership Transformation

In order to become a transformational company that can grow rapidly and compete in today’s business environment, your leadership has to be transformed at every level within your organisation. Rarely does a company’s sustainable growth rate exceed the personal growth rate of the people running it. Increasing the leadership quotient at all levels is crucial.

Business Transformation

If you really want to build an organisation that will thrive in the modern world of increasing competition and accelerating change, you will need a proven and disciplined approach that you and your organisation can commit to 100%.

Scaling Up Methodology

All businesses are capable of growth, but often that growth stalls or fails because the business isn’t capable of fully utilsing its senior leadership team. These teams are often unclear about where they’re going and how to get there, and because they lack the systems, disciplines and structures, frustration and disorder sets in.

- Paul Hawthorn - PaymentSense

"Thank you very much indeed for the Seminar you put on, on 12th February."

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