Scaling Up Methodology

Scaling Up Methodology: The Rockefeller Habits

If the goal you have for your business is significant, sustained growth (reflected in increased sales, enhanced market valuation, or improved profitability) you won’t achieve that by continuing to do ‘business as usual’. It’s not a matter of doing more of the same thing. Your business needs to scale up to handle the challenges of this kind of growth. and that requires dramatic change. It requires transformation.

So, how do you transform the way you do business so that your company can scale up and have the impact you want it to have? Here’s a quick overview of the essential elements necessary.

ASSESS: Before you can grow your company, you need to have a good handle on your current situation. You need to assess your leadership, your people, your strategy, your execution, and your cash situation. Then you’ll have the data you need to move forward.

ALIGN: It’s great to have big goals for your company, but to succeed you’ll need to make sure your leadership, people, strategy, execution, cash management, and even your business model are aligned with your goals.

PLAN: Nothing happens without a good plan. But there’s more than one kind. You may have a long-range plan for achieving your goals, but you’ll also need short-term and intermediate plans to help you get there.

EXECUTE: Even the best plans won’t help you achieve what you want unless you can actually execute them. One of the keys to great execution is being able to measure the activities that lead to success. You need to have the right metrics in place so that you know that you’re making the kind of progress you want to make.

ACCELERATE: It’s important that you and your leadership team are continually improving your personal leadership skills so that you can handle the challenges of dramatic growth. You can’t just coast along when you need to lead your business forward and you can’t assume that the skills that got you to where you are will take you where you want to go.

TRANSFORM: If you’re committed to these things and disciplined in your pursuit of them, your business will be transformed. But it’s important to understand that this is not a one-off event. If you want to keep growing and enjoying continual success it’s an on-going process.

We’ve walked thousands of companies through this process. If you’re committed to significant, sustainable growth (and to doing the work necessary to achieve it) we have the tools and experience to guide your business through this process.