September 24 - September 24, 2021 - 8:30 - 9:00

Don’t accept your limitations

Don’t accept your limitations
Smash through them and improve your results


On Friday September 24th at 8.30am I will be running a free, 30 minute live webinar as part of the World Class Basics series of live online seminars.

I guarantee you will come away:

  • Understanding where you might be limiting your results
  • With enough strategies to break through to the next level
  • Knowing how to improve your results
  • Able to optimise your time to get more from less

John Maxwell asserted that everyone has a ‘lid’ on their ability to be successful – that everyone has a limit as to how effective they can really be.

Their own personal ‘glass ceiling’ as it were.

And yet everyone has the ability to ‘raise the lid’ and increase the level of their results

Years of coaching hundreds of business owners has shown me quite clearly that everyone has more potential than they could ever use and certainly more than they think and I have learned how to help people achieve better results that they ever thought possible.

In this seminar, you will learn how to lift the lid on your own ability and so improve your business results. How to grow beyond your own self-inflicted, self-limiting behaviour.

As it is a half hour presentation please be on time, and since it is a live, unrecorded seminar, you might want to take notes.

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