Congratulations to us all by Ian Kinnery

As we near yet another year end and get ready for the Christmas break, I was suddenly struck by the massive changes that the world of business has undergone over the last few years. We can all recollect and recall...


Step Changes Part 2 by Ian Kinnery

We looked at one of the step changes that growing businesses experience in their management structure in an earlier blog. Although businesses seem to grow in a linear fashion, in fact their complexity moves in a logarithmic fashion so every...


Step Changes Part 1 by Ian Kinnery

The growth of a business is never linear, it is never smooth. There are many step changes that growing businesses experience. It is inevitable if you think about it. Just look at the mathematics of it all. If there are...


Have You Decided Yet? by Ian Kinnery

Well have you? Decided yet, I mean. Have you decided what your number is for 2014? Have you got a key number for 2014 yet? There is always one key number which can drive lots of our activity and I...


It Starts With Who – Part 2 by Ian Kinnery

The second most important decision we make when we go into business is who are we going to work with, either as colleagues, employees, partners or associates. (The most important decision is the decision to go into business in the...


Leverage Through OP by Ian Kinnery

The words below come from a coach of mine Keith Cunningham and I can’t think of a better way to say it so I have reproduced his words here. “Businesses require leverage to grow past a certain point. The leverage...


A Team or a Crowd? by Ian Kinnery

Which do you employ and what is the difference? Simply adding numbers does not make a team. The difference between a team and a crowd is that a team is more than the sum of its parts whereas a crowd...


The Human Element by Ian Kinnery

There is a Chinese proverb which says “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”. Which is incredibly sage advice and worthy of far more comment than I am going to give it now. At the recent...


Strictly by Ian Kinnery

We are at that time of year when my Saturday nights are about being forced to watch Strictly Come Dancing. It is important to keep the domestic peace every so often! Whilst I do not particularly enjoy the programme there...


A Beautiful Model by Ian Kinnery

No I don’t mean Cara Delevingne or Elle Macpherson although it might make for a more visual blog. I mean a business model that is beautiful in its simplicity and power. I use models a lot in the field of...


The Best Advice I ever got.

This is an article from Fortune magazine The advice that sticks out I got from John Doerr, who in 2001 said, “My advice to you is to have a coach.” The coach he said I should have is Bill Campbell....


Life Is Like A Mirror by Ian Kinnery

Your life will be a reflection of you and so will be your business. If you are untidy, pay little attention to detail and are self centred your business will also be untidy, full of mistakes and fail to develop...

- Russell Sawdon - Flowerhouse

"Thank you for inviting me onto your 90 Day Planning Course. It was the best money I have ever spent on a training course. There was so many fantastic tips that I know that this alone will more than pay for the course many times over."

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