Inspire by love, or rule by fear.

One of the greatest changes in modern times has been in the psychology and make up of the people who constitute the greater part of the western world. In 1960 Douglas McGregor identified two different ways of managing which he...


Sharpen The Saw

You are probably familiar with the story of the man who encountered a woodcutter sweating profusely as he tried to saw through a tree trunk. When he was asked what he was working so hard at, the woodcutter snapped, “Can’t...


Hard Work

“Hard work will always overcome natural talent when natural talent doesn’t work hard enough” is a great quotation from Sir Alex Ferguson. Very often we find ourselves in a debate about the relative importance of talent and hard work, between...


Making Progress

For a long time there has been a plaque on my office wall which reads “Happiness comes from progress. Progress shows up in the form of growth and a sense of contribution”.  I don’t know where the quotation came from...


A Secure Base

Mountain climbing is a dangerous and precarious sport. Often when mountain climbing the protagonists take the sensible precaution of being tied securely to something or someone so that should an accident happen and someone was to fall, their fall would...


Worthwhile Work

Back in 1959 Frederick Herzberg first published his paper on The Motivation to Work. In the half century or so since it was published it has remained one of the leading works on the subject. How leaders get their people...


The Compelling in Compelling Scoreboard

The last three or four blogs have been about the compelling scoreboard. I believe it to be one of the most powerful management tools available. It helps to foster engagement, accountability and most importantly a sense of progress. I have...


Compelling Scoreboard 2

Who owns the scoreboard? Well that depends on who writes on it. If the team write on it, and ideally write their own scores on it the chances are it will be owned by them. Some years ago a friend...


Compelling Scoreboard 1

Jayne started a new job. It was the first time she had ever taken what might be called a management job. She was in charge of a small team of people and she was nervous; nervous for a number of...


Has the team had a good day?

When your team goes home on an evening, do they know whether they have had a good day or not? It is a very simple question. It is also a very profound question. It is a question I ask my...


Another Day, Another Dollar

These words take me back to my first significant management job. I was young, ambitious and raw. I had managed to land a role which definitely took me to a new, a higher and more challenging level. I had been...


Have you maxed out professionally and personally?

Marshall Goldsmith is one of my favourite authors on leadership and I was re-reading his excellent recent book ‘Triggers’ when I came across an interesting comment. He was talking about a client who said he wanted to change, but didn’t...

- Lynn Beasley - Washington Direct Mail

"Whenever I achieve anything or whenever I am told what a good business we have I silently thank you for giving me the confidence to continue."

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