The Law of Motion

I often talk about the journey, of life, of growing a business. I praise clients and their businesses for moving forward. The symbol for my business is a spiral, and I talk about how important it is to constantly spiral...


Was it good for you

Here we are again. Steaming relentlessly towards the end of yet another year. Of course the same thing happens at the end of every year and it seems that every year, as we get older, the years pass more quickly....


Never Not Manage

Business leaders and business owners often struggle with managing others and I understand that. It is difficult. It is a challenge. It is a constantly shifting scene, which takes energy and empathy to do effectively. Typically we either over-manage or...


Do I know what is expected of me at work?

I have lifted this question straight out of the book written by Marcus Buckingham called “First Break All The Rules”. Despite having an off-putting title the book is worth reading, not least because of its association with The Gallup Organisation...


Is it useful?

In ‘Alice in Wonderland’ there is a passage where Alice comes to a fork in the road and so she asks the Cheshire cat which road she should take. The Cheshire cat simply asks, “where are you going?” to which...



A recent conversation drifted towards the subject of transformation, as opposed to transaction. We were talking specifically about business performance and business growth but the conversation was hugely beneficial for me personally because it caused me to refocus on transformation....


Because it Matters

So you have to get to work 15 minutes early just to park your car somewhere safe. That means a 10-minute walk along a dark, unlit walkway to get to the place of work. You aren’t allowed to enter through...


Peak Experience

Foreword by Ian Kinnery A few weeks ago we celebrated an innovation when Hazel Coupe my talented business manager decided to share some of her learnings by writing a blog. Well it proved a great success for her, for our...


Out of the frying pan

One of the most challenging concepts for a growth enterprise to master is that of the effective team. Why? Well to a great extent it is counterintuitive to many, foreign to others and represents a significant change in the way...


No service, big opportunity

Trying to upgrade my satellite package resulted in the phone call not being answered after 20 minutes of trying. Not once, not twice but three times. Calling my local Audi dealer to book the car in took twenty minutes for...


The Joy of Teamship

What is that you say? There is no such word as ‘teamship’ and joy is a word rarely associated with anything to do with work or business. Well, you may be correct. Teamship is a word I picked up from...


Review No More

I have decided that I am going to ban the word review. After a lifetime spent running businesses and coaching business leaders that has been full of performance reviews, accounts reviews, personnel reviews, quarterly reviews, annual reviews and restaurant reviews...

- Jon Coupland - Pali Teesside

"I recently attended Ian's 90 day planning workshop, this has to be one of the finest courses I have attended in years, excellent value for money. The day was brimming with tips and ideas to help plan for the future.."

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