Where to next?

I hope you have had a wonderfully successful 2017. I hope you have managed to perform at your brilliant best, to have soared in your life and your craft; to have been the best version of yourself yet. If you...



As you review the recent history of your firm, your life and your career how applicable is the word stagnant? The opposite would be fast flowing, fast moving, growing. Which best describes your situation? There is often a perception that...


Complex Skills

We are all capable of learning complex skills. The fact that you are reading this is proof of that statement. When you were very small it was probably inconceivable that such a thing would be possible but you have mastered...


Precise Thinking, Business Discipline

Two of the most important requirements for business success are precise thinking and business discipline and yet these are two of the most elusive commodities and ironically probably the two areas which we are least capable of judging and managing...


It’s that time of year, again.

We are about to enter the final month of the year and before we do perhaps you would benefit from taking a little time to reflect on the year about to draw to a close. Have you done the things...


Make It Easy

It is the 21st Century. The one thing that unites all customers is that they want it easy. It has probably always been this way but the arrival of the internet and the development of disruptive technologies has exaggerated the...


Safety in Numbers

I met up with a very well known and successful entrepreneur a while ago. I was surprised that his opening words were, “the trouble with most businesses Ian is that they don’t know their numbers”. After I had gotten over...



‘Strictly Come Dancing’ yields some useful lessons for all business leaders and indeed for anyone wanting to develop a higher level of performance. Every year the band of celebrities come together and start to learn how to dance. They all...


The Third Discipline of Execution

The Meeting Rhythm is the third of the disciplines of execution. I know that most of us dislike meetings, but think about it. How else do you communicate effectively all that needs to be communicated in a business of any...


The Second Discipline of Execution.

Where I live, out in the country, broadband was so slow that I invested once in satellite broadband. The concept seemed like a winner but in fact it was useless and unworkable. Why? Because there was a limit on our...


The First Discipline of Execution

The first discipline that is necessary for excellent execution we call ‘priorities’. Every business faces the same challenge. There is always too much to do and too little time to do it in. As the numbers of people in a...


When Cash is King

No one can prepare us for the reality check that comes the first time, as a business owner, we need to sign the cheque to make the payroll. Nothing can prepare us for the reality that bites at that moment,...

- Jon Walker - My Insurance Broker

"Firstly, my apologies this testimonial is well overdue. There is little sentiment I can express that isn't already reflected in the other testimonials that adorn your office walls. So I'll keep it brief... Thanks again for helping me double my business turnover, within 9 months..."

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