You need two things to grow

You need two things to grow It will consist of a matrix of relationships such as who reports to who, about what. Who is accountable for what and how all of that meshes together like a complex machine. In fact...


The biggest thing I have learned

The biggest thing I have learned I have been leading businesses for over thirty five years and coaching business leaders for almost fourteen years. If there is one thing that I have learned in that time it is this; a...


How complex is your business?

The upside of complexity Growing Business One of the major roadblocks to growing any business is the way that things become exponentially more complex unexpectedly quickly. I have written and spoken about this many times. The principle is that as...


Do you know your triggers?

No More Resolutions We are coming to the end of another year and the custom is as we pass from the old year to the new one that we make New Year Resolutions. So here is my suggestion. Stop it!...


Do you invest in yourself?

The problem is out there Of course it is. The problem is always out there but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the solution is out there, so stop looking for it ‘out there’. It is a well observed trait of...


Sport and Leadership

Sports I have always steered clear of using sporting analogies when talking about business or indeed leadership. I know that some people use sporting analogies often but I usually feel that they don’t work. I don’t see an awful lot...


“Why pride matters more than money”

The World’s Greatest Motivational Force One of my favourite experts in the areas of organisational culture and leadership, Jon R Katzenbach, wrote a book entitled “Why pride matters more than money”. I don’t think it is his most important or...


“Are you in the busyness of business?”

Complexity is Chaos part 2 “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupery in the 20th Century. We have already discussed how complexity grows exponentially...


Is Your Business Complex?

As businesses grow they inevitably and necessarily become more complex. The fact is that complexity grows at an exponential rate, not a linear rate. If there are two people two relationships will exist; A with B and B with A....


Relationships in your business.

Chief Executives are recruited for their business acumen and fired for their lack of emotional intelligence, or so goes a quote in Daniel Goleman’s best-selling book ‘Emotional Intelligence’. I had a business owner tell me the other day that he...


How often do you review?

Review Preview Many business owners spend a lot of time in reviews. They review their business’s performance for yesterday, last week, last month. They may review the performance of their marketing department, their sales department. They regularly review their people...


Where would we be without curiosity?

Stay Curious Where would we be without curiosity? Carol Dweck differentiated between the growth mindset and the fixed mindset in her now famous book “Mindset”. Basically, a person with a fixed mindset believes that they have been dealt a fixed...

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