Cream of the crop or scraping the barrel?

On being a Top Boss 2 Being a boss has never been easy. Having responsibility for others is not easy. Achieving business objectives through people is not easy and I would argue that it isn’t getting any easier either. It...


In your world, what is a top boss?

On being a Top Boss What does that mean, ‘being a top boss’? Well whatever it means to you, it is a very important concept. The literature of the day is strewn with research that shows that the quality of...


Are your company’s plans and performance visible to everyone?

Rockefeller Habits # 10 The company’s plans and performance are visible to everyone. Habit 10 often tests some beliefs and prejudices because it is quite clear in its demands. Everyone in the business, yes, everyone from the cleaner to the...


“Does your business have a scoreboard”?

Rockefeller Habits # 9 9. All employees can answer quantitatively whether they had a good day or week Scale up or not, this is one of those golden questions that every boss should ask and know the answer to. I...


Are your Core Values alive in your business?

Rockefeller Habits #7 7. Core Values and Purpose are “alive” in the organisation. Every constituency of people will have their own, unique Core Values. Those core values are usually implicit, rather than explicit but they will exist. Values are the...


“How much do you value customer feedback?”

Rockefeller Habits #6 6. Reporting and analysis of customer feedback data is as frequent and accurate as financial data. Last time we looked at Rockefeller Habit 5 which was that employee input is regularly collected, analysed and acted upon. Rockefeller...


“Do you have a healthy culture within your business?”

The Seven Attributes of The CEO #6 It is difficult to think of anyone rising to the position of CEO without attribute 6, because attribute 6 relates to accountability: the ability and willingness to take responsibility and get things done....


“How to build an ‘A’ Team”

The Seven Attributes of The CEO #5 The fifth of the seven attributes of the CEO is an obvious one. So obvious in fact that you may call it a statement of the obvious, but the fact that it is...


“Have you yet to create a near perfect work/life balance”?

The Seven Attributes of The CEO #4 Talk of work life balance is often, at best, naïve and almost always unhelpful. The individuals who are so smitten by the entrepreneurial bug that they forgo the safety of a normal job...


“Can you differentiate between fact and fiction?'”

The Seven Attributes of The CEO #3 Like any master of any craft the great CEO will have access to and complete mastery of a great set of tools. A CEO is a craftsman, although the craft she is master...


The Seven Attributes of The CEO Part 2

The Seven Attributes of The CEO #2 I have been very lucky in my working life. I have had the pleasure of working with some truly excellent leaders and also of working with some pretty poor leaders. I would literally...


The Seven Attributes of The CEO

The Seven Attributes of The CEO People aren’t logical, they are psychological. It is important that we understand the full import of this simple meme. Human beings are not logical beings who are capable of doing emotions. We are emotional...

- Lynn Beasley - Washington Direct Mail

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