19th August 2021

A Complex Business

Running a business is intensely satisfying and massively scary at the same time. It is also a real challenge. It is a challenge because it requires a wide range of skills to do it well.

To perform anything well we typically need the right systems, skills and discipline. Just focussing on skills for the moment what skills do we need?

One of the reasons it is so challenging is running a business fundamentally requires a high level of proficiency in three domains.

  • The mechanics of business- lets call this managing the business
  • The art and science of people- lets call this leading
  • Understanding what you want to create- lets call this destination

All three are distinct domains and proficiency in each of them is not easy to attain and relies upon very different skill sets. All of those separate skill sets must be developed and practiced to reach a suitable level of expertise.

Managing can be studied, it is mechanical. It is about financial and business models and there are precedents and studies to follow. Frankly it is transactional. Important but transactional and not very dynamic.

Leading and destination on the other hand are highly dynamic. People, including ourselves, are changing all the time. We are complex beings, which means the same input will rarely produce the same output two times in a row. That is why many bosses become frustrated with the human side of their businesses. That is also why these two domains are transformational. These are the differences that make the difference.

So given the complex nature of doing what business owners do the question is how to develop the systems, skills and discipline necessary?

I am on a mission to help business leaders get better financial results with less stress and more time to enjoy it and I believe that when businesses are well run they benefit everybody; employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and leaders alike.

To help make your world a better world you can contact me on ian@kinnery.co.uk.