2nd November 2021

A Foregone Conclusion


In describing an entrepreneur I often say that an entrepreneur is someone who has the drive and ability to make something happen. She doesn’t wait for permission, or help, she just gets on and makes it happen.

All the people I work with are entrepreneurs in some way. If they weren’t they wouldn’t go looking for someone to help them perform at a higher level. There has to be something within people to want to improve and grow and get better for them to seek a Scaling Up coach. Less driven people wouldn’t bother. Self development is the road less travelled.

It is ironic how in life ‘what gets you here, won’t get you there’ and very often the exact same things that smooth the way in one part of our journey are precisely the same things that get in the way in another part of our lives and so it seems inevitable that the entrepreneur is going to get stuck.

The conviction that we don’t need other people, that we can do this ourselves is an illusion, although in the short term it may sound feasible. I defy you to name me one successful individual who has really done it all, all by themselves.

We may not always realise it but we all need teachers, mentors, friends and colleagues. We don’t ever win anything alone; we win everything together. Unless our entrepreneur can develop the mindset and the skills to work with and through others, she will inevitably become stuck and probably burn out in the process.

To borrow a phrase from Dan Sullivan we need to be less obsessed with how we are going to achieve big things and more curious of who can help us achieve big things and pivot from achieving despite people and master achieving with people.

That is a big pivot to make. The more immune to change we are the less likely it is to happen.

I am on a mission to help business leaders get better financial results with less stress and more time to enjoy it and I promise by committing to working with me, you will feel better, more hopeful, more optimistic, more confident and less stressed. You will grow. Your business will grow in sales, profits and value. You will have a happier, more committed and engaged team and your quality of life will improve.  www.kinnery.co.uk