1st April 2011

Accessible And Affordable Business Coaching

Business Coaching works. There is no doubt of that. If you need proof just look at the video and written testimonials on my website.

If there is a drawback with coaching it might be around affordability, the fear that “I can’t afford it”, or “I can’t afford it, yet”.
Even though I would argue, “but can you afford not to?”, I know that sometimes this thought holds back those people who really need to invest in themselves and to back themselves from taking that crucial next step and getting started.

So one of the challenges I have struggled with is how to make the benefits of world class business coaching available and affordable to all levels of business leaders.

I am delighted to say I have found a way to do that in announcing Business Boot Camp.

Business Boot Camp consists of 6 concentrated sessions taking place over 12 weeks. A high intensity, interactive event where we mix a select group of entrepreneurs together in a learning cauldron, where they can learn the quickest, most effective ways to grow their business, their sales and their performance.

Business Boot Camp is designed to give business owners a fast start to grow their profits so they can afford to embark on one to one coaching to really develop themselves and their business.

We will cover
 Launchpad
 The quickest way to grow your profits, income and to grow a business
 Keeping track
 Cash, profit and the vital numbers that will spell success for you
 Organise
 Get the most out of your day, manage your time to make real money
 Finding Customers
 Build products and offers that your customers just can’t say no to
 Build profitable relationships
 With your customers, your team, and your business partners. Reduce your workload and increase your success rate.
 Simply Sales
 Nothing happens until a sale is made, find out how to do so easily and effortlessly in a way that suits you.

To book on or for more information call 0845 430 9224 or visit now