28th April 2021


In a fast moving world agility has to be one of the holy grails of modern business. If it was necessary the Covid pandemic reinforced the point. The businesses and the individuals which have survived, and which will continue to thrive, are those who have been able to adapt and pivot quickly and effectively.

Agility in anything doesn’t tend to happen by chance.

It comes as a result of a combination of discipline and desire. Pivoting as a team is particularly challenging as for that to be effective everyone needs to be prepared to flex for the survival of the whole. It depends upon strong leadership.

The pandemic has tested lots of things and our collective agility, or lack of it, is a good measure of the cohesion of our team. How did you fare?

The downstream wash of the pandemic will test our individual and collective agility further, as the rate of change in the world continues to accelerate. Seth Godin said “the only thing that’s going to change things is changing things.” A business, team or individual that doesn’t embrace change is looking at hard times.

There are lots of challenges in the world but a business that is run well can benefit the world more than almost anything else, creating purpose, dignity, and wealth in honest and worthwhile work, but it is a competitive place in which to thrive. If you would like an edge and to significantly improve your business performance and expand your thinking please reach out.


Doing good by doing well.