3rd March 2021


There is a plaque on the wall of my coaching room that reads ‘Clarity is Power’, and it is one of the most frequently used phrases in that location. For me it is a truism, clarity really is power.

Yet, I am frequently met with glaring absences of clarity. Often questions like, ‘What is your game plan?’ or ‘What are you trying to achieve- with your business / your life?’ or ‘Where are you going?’ are met with stunned silences and blank expressions.

It is quite easy to be flippant and say ‘if you don’t know where you are going how can you ever work out how to get there?’ but there is a deeper malaise here that really needs considering. If people don’t know what they are aiming at, they are quite literally aimless. The arrow will land somewhere but it will be somewhere random and quite likely somewhere you wouldn’t want it to land.

Every time we have a conversation, hold a meeting, write a blog, make a comment, choose our wardrobe, plan our day, write an e mail or post a comment without being clear about why, we are being aimless.

I wonder how many of us are wandering through life and through our days aimlessly and what would happen if we could be more intentional and purposeful? What could we then achieve?

No wonder ‘begin with the end in mind’ was the second of Stephen Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people.

Doing good by doing well. A well led business will benefit the world more than almost anything else.

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