25th September 2014

All This For Free? It’s Incredible!


Team Massive Result’s Thursday’s Thoughts

‘All This For Free? It’s Incredible!’

It has grown, developed and improved for thousands of years. It is responsible for every single advancement that mankind has made, from speech and writing to the printing press and the iPad; from the notion of fairness to the judicial system; from our ability to walk to Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car. It has led us to the deepest oceans and the highest mountains and even into outer space.
Do you know what it is yet?
I am talking about the human brain. Probably the most powerful of all thinking and learning organisms that we have ever encountered and yet it is available to all of us, absolutely free of charge.
A colleague of mine had a favourite expression, which ran “with every pair of hands comes a free brain”. Despite the brilliance of this as a mantra I wonder how many managers and leaders actually appreciate how powerful a concept this is and how many of us never expect, encourage or allow our team members to bring their brains to work.
As Jim Rohn once observed, when we employ someone all we really do is buy 8 hours of his or her time. Whether they bring their brains to work with them is a separate decision. Whether they bring their best talent, their enthusiasm, their creativity, their energy, their flair, or their best selves to work is their choice.
As a business leader, or manager, whether you encourage your team to bring their brains to work is a matter of choice for you. It is a question of both choice and ability and I would argue that our ability to help our team members to want to bring their brains to work is a significant measure of our leadership talent.
But when you think of the power of the human brain that comes free with every pair of hands, why would we not want our team members to bring that to work with them and to use it to the betterment of us all? And if one brain is powerful, the effect of many brains working together in creative harmony is enormous and how transformational would that be in any business?
As a business coach I hold a privileged position and today I have been able to see (yet again) for myself the incredible effect of leaders empowering team members to bring their brains to work and allowing them to use those brains to improve the business.
As a consequence the business is starting to perform better, the team members have more purpose, are more engaged and are visibly happier; the business leaders are less stressed, have more support and are more fulfilled. And it was all absolutely free. All that needed to happen was for the leaders to have the willingness to learn how and the courage to try.
What’s not to like?

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