17th May 2021

Am I able to be coached?

The fact that you are even contemplating this question suggests you are.

I have been coaching business owners and business leaders for a decade and a half now and this is what I have found.

Everyone is coachable and everyone can benefit from a good coach, but not everyone is ready to take advantage of coaching right now.

It takes two things to be a great coachee. The first is an open mind and the second is loads of courage. That’s why the title page on my website reads ‘Business coaching for the humble and the brave’.

The open mind is necessary to be able to think at a higher level, to take on board new ideas and different ways of being and doing things. The courage is so that you will actually attempt to do stuff that you haven’t done before. If you have those two attributes the chances are you will benefit massively from coaching.

If you are in what I sometimes refer to as the ‘I know’, you probably have some work to do before you can really derive any benefit from any intervention, of any form. This can be a real challenge for some people. Everyone I work with is a high achiever and the problem with a history of high achievement is that it can seduce us into an arrogance that we always know and always know best. It unconsciously prevents us from learning.

What professor Carol Dweck called ‘a growth mindset’, the intention and commitment to grow, to take on the unknown, to turn an ordeal into an adventure and to step into the discomfort zone is essential. Being a successful coachee has nothing to do with academic records or mental horsepower.
It is all about mindset.