7th September 2021

An unexpected challenge

I have noticed an unwelcome side effect of the global pandemic. When lockdown came in March 2020 I think I reacted pretty well. I was decisive and adapted quickly to pivot how I operated my business and with my clients. I am proud of the way I handled my mind.

Typically, I dislike not having a feeling of control and there was a lot that I felt was suddenly out of my control. Our movements, the people we saw, our whole life choices were suddenly dictated to by policies dictated by someone, somewhere. I knew that this was likely to be problematical for me and I managed to flick a mental switch and resolve myself to the situation so I could deal with it.

I saw the whole thing as a challenge, and I rose to the challenge of adapting. So I managed to navigate 18 months better than I would have thought possible.

So what is the unwanted side effect? Well I feel I have adapted so well, and established some really effective habits that now we are coming out of lockdown I am finding it difficult to adapt to whatever the situation is now.

I understand that the ‘rules’ are less clear now than they were, but I am finding I have become less decisive, less clear on the way forward. I am letting the lack of clear direction affect me. I think I am in danger of becoming reclusive and hiding away.

My greatest effort is now working on myself to be able to deal with the new era as well as I dealt with life before covid and during covid. I need to remind myself that life is a contact sport and that as we say in the North East ‘shy bairns get nowt’. Who would have thought that coming out of the pandemic would be more challenging than going into it?

What challenges are you facing right now?

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