17th September 2015

Awareness, Accountability and Responsibility, Part 3

Once we are aware and have chosen an attitude of accountability, it befalls us to take responsibility to decide to take action.  In this context responsibility refers to another choice; The choice to act, the choice to change, the choice to do (something different).

David Taylor once described coaching as “Any and every intervention that enables people, teams and organisations to be their very best.” while Myles Downey said, “Coaching is the series of conversations that help a person perform closer to his potential, understand his role or task, learn what he needs to learn in order to complete his role or task successfully, develop the skills required for the next role, and, on a good day, achieve fulfilment- and maybe a little joy- at work.”

Either way, the output of coaching is an action of some sort. In this context, I believe responsibility refers to the choice that we have to take action or not. It is possible to be aware and to be accountable but without understanding and acting upon our responsibility to act in a different way, nothing is really going to change. As the well-worn saying tells us “if you always do what you have always done; you will always get what you have always got.”

The three pillars of high performance are awareness, accountability and responsibility.

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