What is your A to C score?

How many of your team are A players? Take a simple two by two matrix, with performance being the horizontal axis and core values being the vertical axis. An A player lives in the top right hand quadrant. An A...


Is it really necessary?

As businesses grow they get exponentially more complicated and as businesses grow we inevitably add people and processes to the structure. One of the consequences of the great disruptor that Covid has proven to be that business leaders are looking...


Which side of the divide will you be on?

I briefly heard on the news this morning that it is expected to be announced that the UK is in recession later today. That will hardly be news to anyone that knows anything about business. You cannot expect any other...



This week a client posted a thank you on social media for the coaching they had done with me 10 years ago and that got me thinking. People often obsess about the ROI (return on investment) from any form of...


On Leadership Post Covid

Leading a business can be the best fun you can have with your clothes on. Being at the head of a business that is making money, growing and doing well gives a feeling like no other. But we all know...



When I was much younger, I used to find it irksome when friends, particularly young folk, would make sweeping and definitive statements like ‘I always do…’ or ‘I never….’ It doesn’t matter what the specific action was. I used to...



Traditionally New Year is a good time to set goals and plans for the coming year. Birthdays and holidays provide other great opportunities, because it encourages us to stop, reflect and judge whether we are still on course to make...


What If?

One of the great things about what I do is that I get to see many different businesses, so I get to not only recognise patterns but also to contrast different styles and approaches. One of the perennial challenges for...


Take a break

It is strange how patterns seem to emerge and, like taps on the shoulder, it is worth taking notice of them. Over the last 10 days or so I have noticed quite a few clients and contacts all commenting on...


Chance to reset

If you are preparing to reopen your business after lockdown, or even if you are already open now is a great opportunity to make things different, an opportunity to reset. Often the best time to make a change is when...


If You’re Not Fast

I was on a fascinating CEO summit yesterday. Guest speakers were some of (in my opinion) the leading business thought leaders of the day. They included Jim Collins; ‘Good to Great’ and ‘Turning the Flywheel’; Verne Harnish; ‘Scaling Up’ and...


Looking Forward

As we begin to think about the future and coming out of lockdown I think there is one incontrovertible fact. No matter what the bounce back (bounce forward) looks like, business post Covid will be more difficult than it was...

- Craig Armstrong - R S & C Armstrong

"Where can I begin? Such a journey...."

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