Heroes all

It is a time for appreciating our heroes and heroines. We are in the midst of the delayed Olympics. Once again we are witnessing extraordinary feats all around. The British and Irish Lions are in South Africa competing well in...


Inch By Inch

After almost a year of lockdown I was relatively pleased. I had managed to stay reasonably fit (by walking the dog) and had kept the weight off, but I realised I was less strong and flexible than I was and...


Why we get stuck

Movement happens when the force to move (driving force) overcomes the inertia, the force to stay still. When we start a business there is a lot of drive at the beginning. This comes in the form of enthusiasm to grow,...


What Business Leaders Can Learn From Strictly

I am not a fan of reality TV programs, but in my house watching Strictly Come Dancing is simply not for debate. One of the dogs even has to endure the wearing of a diamante collar for the duration! But...


Feel like a social worker?

One of the complaints I hear too often is ‘As my business has grown I seem to spend more and more time working with people problems. Sometimes I feel just like a social worker’ The irony is that too many...


Not necessarily in the right order

Do you remember that classic Morecombe and Wise sketch with Andre Previn, or was it Andrew Preview? Eric insisted he was playing all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order. We often make life difficult by failing...



The words below come from the foreword to ‘Culture Renovation and are written by Tom Rath. They are so powerful they are worth sharing. Culture is the underlying fabric that holds an organization together. When the fabric is strong, groups...


Dysfunctional Teams

I was interested to read some recent research that shows that 75% of cross functional teams are dysfunctional. My first question was what are the signs that would indicate that a team is dysfunctional? There are some clear measures. Teams...


Don’t Go Back There

The global pandemic has affected different people and different businesses in different ways. One of the things I am seeing a lot of is that many businesses, having successfully scaled back and survived are now having to scale up again....


It is about more than surviving

When we hit a major crisis, it’s all about survival right? Yes, but no, but! Of course we have to survive otherwise it is game over, but surviving is really just the beginning. A major crisis should cause us to...


Leadership is coaching, coaching is leadership

What is leadership? It isnt what we once might have thought it was. It isnt the heroic, knight in shining armour, riding into the mess to sort everything out type of behaviour that heroic novels are often based upon. Militaristic,...



In a fast moving world agility has to be one of the holy grails of modern business. If it was necessary the Covid pandemic reinforced the point. The businesses and the individuals which have survived, and which will continue to...

- D E Johnson - SJR Architects & Interiors Designers

"When we began the coaching programme in June 2007, we thought that all we needed was a little help with “marketing”! Little did we know that it would be almost 18 months before we were truly ready to effectively market the business."

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