The feeling of being trapped is dreadful. It is the things that nightmares are made of. In fact I dreamt of being trapped last night and literally woke in a cold sweat. We get trapped in all sorts of ways;...


On Teams 5

In the previous four ‘Teams’ blogs I have discussed the three fundamentals to forming a team that works Goals and objectives Meeting processes Roles and responsibilities I followed that up by discussing the 9 norms both individual and team as...


On Teams 4

So we have looked, in previous blogs, at the fundamental essentials necessary to form a team, and we have looked at the requirements at an individual level, which are all easily understood but not necessarily easily achieved. At the team...


On Teams 2

Despite the measurable benefits, mental health, efficiency and effectiveness as well as profitability of operating as a team, Pat Lencioni was bang on when he said “genuine teamwork is as illusive as it has ever been” in his must read...


On Teams 1

I am a big fan of teams. I think I always have been and I don’t mean Microsoft’s Zoom competitor. I mean a team of people working together towards a common purpose. I have always enjoyed being part of a...


Play to your strengths

Running a small business and a big business are very different things. I know I have done both. Small businesses often fall into the trap of trying to do what big companies do. That is usually a big mistake. It...


A Complex Business

Running a business is intensely satisfying and massively scary at the same time. It is also a real challenge. It is a challenge because it requires a wide range of skills to do it well. To perform anything well we...


Heroes all

It is a time for appreciating our heroes and heroines. We are in the midst of the delayed Olympics. Once again we are witnessing extraordinary feats all around. The British and Irish Lions are in South Africa competing well in...


Inch By Inch

After almost a year of lockdown I was relatively pleased. I had managed to stay reasonably fit (by walking the dog) and had kept the weight off, but I realised I was less strong and flexible than I was and...


Why we get stuck

Movement happens when the force to move (driving force) overcomes the inertia, the force to stay still. When we start a business there is a lot of drive at the beginning. This comes in the form of enthusiasm to grow,...


What Business Leaders Can Learn From Strictly

I am not a fan of reality TV programs, but in my house watching Strictly Come Dancing is simply not for debate. One of the dogs even has to endure the wearing of a diamante collar for the duration! But...


Feel like a social worker?

One of the complaints I hear too often is ‘As my business has grown I seem to spend more and more time working with people problems. Sometimes I feel just like a social worker’ The irony is that too many...

- Paul Alsop - Yarm Computers

"Having attended his 90 Day Planning Seminar I would have no hesitation in recommending it unconditionally. The lessons learnt in this seminar have already made my Co-Directors and myself look at the business from a different angle and began a slightly modified approach to the way we operate."

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