Passion, Risk and Courage

I recently came upon this quote from Joan Of Arc: ‘I know this now. Everyman gives his life to what he believes. Every woman gives her life for what she believes. Sometimes people believe in little or nothing and so...


Stack the Deck

Every Monday morning the incidence of heart attacks spikes across the western world. A high proportion of the population admit to poor sleep on a Sunday night. The reason? The anxiety caused by returning to the workplace. So right now...


Waiting for the Rugby Ball to Bounce

Anyone who has ever played or even watched the game of rugby knows that it is best not to let the ball bounce. Because of its odd shape it is very difficult to predict where it will bounce to. That...


A Win; Win On Steroids.

I have always loved the concept of win; win and I teach it a lot. I learned Jim Rohn’s definition which is that a win; win is never a compromise. For a win; win to be possible, party A has...


Don’t even think about bouncing back

Sooner or later the restrictions brought on by Covid19 will begin to ease and I hear constant references to bouncing back. Don’t even think about bouncing back. This is more than a crisis, it is an opportunity; an opportunity to...


One Huge Experiment

A Huge Experiment I am fortunate in that I speak with lots of business owners and leaders every week and I have been blown away by their resilience and adaptability in these times. This week I held session for the...


Are You Ready?

So as the clock keeps on ticking and day passes lockdown day and week passes lockdown week, and the initial panic starts to fade I wonder what you are going to do now? For many the time might be just...


The Importance of Getting to Action

The psychological journey that we refer to as the grief cycle is particularly relevant to us all right now. Often referred to as the five stages of grief or the Kübler-Ross model it tracks our psychological state from denial, through...


Which W are you?

A friend, fellow Scaling Up Coach and red wine drinker from the USA has noticed that businesses are falling into four categories in the current climate. An interesting observation. Which one most closely represents your position? There are challenges and...


Leading in a crisis

A Framework for Leading in a Crisis To call these unprecedented times is a euphemism. Nobody has ever experienced what we are experiencing now in businesses across the world. I am continuing to do what I have been doing for...


Do you put your learning into practice?

The Top 5 Business Words Over the last few weeks I have proposed what I think are the top five business words; accountability, alignment, momentum leverage and love. I could have, as I am sure you will appreciate, gone on...


“Life, work, play and love”

The Top 5 Business Words I have a bit of a problem with the fifth suggestion to be part of my list of the top five business words. When I was drafting the list I actually wrote down the word...

- Jackie Firth - Butterwick Hospice

"When given the opportunity to recruit an assistant into our small, busy Marketing and Publicity Department I knew it was vital to make the right choice of candidate. I was quite worried about how to attract the right person."

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