On Teams 2

Despite the measurable benefits, mental health, efficiency and effectiveness as well as profitability of operating as a team, Pat Lencioni was bang on when he said “genuine teamwork is as illusive as it has ever been” in his must read...


On Teams 1

I am a big fan of teams. I think I always have been and I don’t mean Microsoft’s Zoom competitor. I mean a team of people working together towards a common purpose. I have always enjoyed being part of a...


Inch By Inch

After almost a year of lockdown I was relatively pleased. I had managed to stay reasonably fit (by walking the dog) and had kept the weight off, but I realised I was less strong and flexible than I was and...


Why we get stuck

Movement happens when the force to move (driving force) overcomes the inertia, the force to stay still. When we start a business there is a lot of drive at the beginning. This comes in the form of enthusiasm to grow,...


What Business Leaders Can Learn From Strictly

I am not a fan of reality TV programs, but in my house watching Strictly Come Dancing is simply not for debate. One of the dogs even has to endure the wearing of a diamante collar for the duration! But...


Number 1 Competency

Businesses are uniquely people centric entities. By that I mean they are comprised of people, created by people and powered by people in order to serve people by providing something that has a value to them, and yet so often...


Dysfunctional Teams

I was interested to read some recent research that shows that 75% of cross functional teams are dysfunctional. My first question was what are the signs that would indicate that a team is dysfunctional? There are some clear measures. Teams...


Don’t Go Back There

The global pandemic has affected different people and different businesses in different ways. One of the things I am seeing a lot of is that many businesses, having successfully scaled back and survived are now having to scale up again....


Bounce Forward

In the UK, at least, we are about to come out of lockdown, ‘irreversibly’. I am not a futurist and this is not meant to be about predicting what will happen. We have been in some form of lockdown for...


Double Standards

One of the biggest challenges of the global pandemic comes from the forced closure of so many schools and places of education and I read an interesting article recently about what they were calling ‘learning loss’, discussing the possible downstream...


W or T

“We know what we know but we don’t know what we don’t know”, was said to me by one of my coaches Keith Cunningham, some years ago. I bet that if you have ever met me you have heard me...


Untapped Potential

I have dedicated quite a bit of my time during lockdown on self development and recently enrolled on a ‘Peak Performance’ course. Apparently less than 2% of the population ever get close to being the best they can be and...

- Paul Holmes - Chips Away

"I would encourage anybody to attend this seminar, particularly as it is FREE. You cannot fail to walk away without a very positive attitude as to how you will run your business in the near future."

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