Bounce Forward

In the UK, at least, we are about to come out of lockdown, ‘irreversibly’. I am not a futurist and this is not meant to be about predicting what will happen. We have been in some form of lockdown for...


Double Standards

One of the biggest challenges of the global pandemic comes from the forced closure of so many schools and places of education and I read an interesting article recently about what they were calling ‘learning loss’, discussing the possible downstream...


W or T

“We know what we know but we don’t know what we don’t know”, was said to me by one of my coaches Keith Cunningham, some years ago. I bet that if you have ever met me you have heard me...


Untapped Potential

I have dedicated quite a bit of my time during lockdown on self development and recently enrolled on a ‘Peak Performance’ course. Apparently less than 2% of the population ever get close to being the best they can be and...


Worthwhile work

Anyone who has ever researched how to make a presentation will have come across the maxim that people won’t remember what you said but will remember how you made them feel. This is another example of the primacy that emotions...


Teaming or not?

Not every business or part of a business will benefit from operating as a team, but teams are the best multiplier of human talent that I know of. Teams are great to be a part of and when I ask...


What’s your team’s apathy score?

Helping individuals and teams to perform at a higher level is one of the key functions of any leader. It is a skilful and complex thing to achieve. To do so well the leader has to be able to handle...


Can you hear the people sing?

Years ago I met someone who told me that he had always wondered what it would be like to live through a revolution. A revolution is a period of rapid and sweeping change. McKinsey believe that Covid has accelerated certain...


Elite or Mediocre

I don’t know too many professional athletes, but those I do know generally have one thing in common which is a knowledge of, an understanding of and respect for their bodies. Of course, an athlete’s body is the ‘instrument’ that...


No one cares how much you know

The world is changing rapidly and some estimate that the pandemic has accelerated the rate of change by as much as 10 years in some areas. One of those areas is in human sensitivity. We have all heard references to...


Start the year with serenity

So the relief of saying farewell to 2020 wasn’t replaced by the hope of a new year but by the extension of lockdown measures across the nation creating another twist in the mental health roller coaster for us all. As...


Listen, really Listen

Communication is one of the most important activities for any human being, yet I am not aware of communication being taught in any of our schools. 60% of effective communication comes not from the ability to speak but from the...

- D E Johnson - SJR Architects & Interiors Designers

"When we began the coaching programme in June 2007, we thought that all we needed was a little help with “marketing”! Little did we know that it would be almost 18 months before we were truly ready to effectively market the business."

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