Why is it so difficult to hire the right people?

A while ago we surveyed our contacts and asked them what their biggest business challenge was. Overwhelmingly the answers related to people in their business. How to hire and retain great talent were at the top of the list. One...


What will you retain?

Lockdown can be regarded as a huge experiment and I am fascinated by what we have learned from it, both as individuals, as leaders, as businesses and as teams. Recently I have been asking people specifically what they have learned....


Worthwhile Work

The client was exasperated. He had had an employee ask to be left on furlough and as the MD he was astounded that someone would actually want to stay at home, after six months already, and do nothing. Particularly when...


If you think education is expensive….

A few years ago someone I knew went out of business and as she cleared her office I noticed a handful of business books that were unread, ready to go into the skip. Around about the same time someone else...


Is it really necessary?

As businesses grow they get exponentially more complicated and as businesses grow we inevitably add people and processes to the structure. One of the consequences of the great disruptor that Covid has proven to be that business leaders are looking...



When I was much younger, I used to find it irksome when friends, particularly young folk, would make sweeping and definitive statements like ‘I always do…’ or ‘I never….’ It doesn’t matter what the specific action was. I used to...


What If?

One of the great things about what I do is that I get to see many different businesses, so I get to not only recognise patterns but also to contrast different styles and approaches. One of the perennial challenges for...


Chance to reset

If you are preparing to reopen your business after lockdown, or even if you are already open now is a great opportunity to make things different, an opportunity to reset. Often the best time to make a change is when...


Passion, Risk and Courage

I recently came upon this quote from Joan Of Arc: ‘I know this now. Everyman gives his life to what he believes. Every woman gives her life for what she believes. Sometimes people believe in little or nothing and so...


Stack the Deck

Every Monday morning the incidence of heart attacks spikes across the western world. A high proportion of the population admit to poor sleep on a Sunday night. The reason? The anxiety caused by returning to the workplace. So right now...


A Win; Win On Steroids.

I have always loved the concept of win; win and I teach it a lot. I learned Jim Rohn’s definition which is that a win; win is never a compromise. For a win; win to be possible, party A has...


One Huge Experiment

A Huge Experiment I am fortunate in that I speak with lots of business owners and leaders every week and I have been blown away by their resilience and adaptability in these times. This week I held session for the...

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