Whenever I read a good business case study, I am struck by the level of integrity at play, and by integrity I don’t mean moral or ethical integrity, in this case. I refer to how joined up the thinking, the...


Clear Strategy, Rigorous Execution

As lockdown hit I helped clients develop an interim strategy. For one business it was very simple, ‘to survive so that we can come out the other side stronger knowing that some of our competitors won’t survive’ The strategy was...


Double Standards

One of the biggest challenges of the global pandemic comes from the forced closure of so many schools and places of education and I read an interesting article recently about what they were calling ‘learning loss’, discussing the possible downstream...



There is a plaque on the wall of my coaching room that reads ‘Clarity is Power’, and it is one of the most frequently used phrases in that location. For me it is a truism, clarity really is power. Yet,...


Time to Reset

Whenever there is a break it is a time to reflect and an opportunity to make changes. After almost a year of lockdown it seems like we are about to emerge from this enforced break. So what have you reflected...


Elite or Mediocre

I don’t know too many professional athletes, but those I do know generally have one thing in common which is a knowledge of, an understanding of and respect for their bodies. Of course, an athlete’s body is the ‘instrument’ that...


Don’t go setting goals for 2021 this Christmas

If you are like me, the Christmas break is a great time to take stock on what you have achieved in the year just ending and reset your goals for the year just about to start. It is a habit...


Listen, really Listen

Communication is one of the most important activities for any human being, yet I am not aware of communication being taught in any of our schools. 60% of effective communication comes not from the ability to speak but from the...


Reduce Staff Costs

We all love to get a bargain and get something cheap. This is a challenge when we apply it to hiring talent. It might seem sensible when a business is small to pay the least possible for the labour you...


Is the time right?

If you know me, you will know I have a voracious appetite for reading books. You may not know how I select the books that I am going to read. Have you heard of the classic “How to win friends...


Waiting for the Rugby Ball to Bounce

Anyone who has ever played or even watched the game of rugby knows that it is best not to let the ball bounce. Because of its odd shape it is very difficult to predict where it will bounce to. That...


Are You Ready?

So as the clock keeps on ticking and day passes lockdown day and week passes lockdown week, and the initial panic starts to fade I wonder what you are going to do now? For many the time might be just...

- Michelle Rose - Custard & Bear

"What can I say about the past eight weeks of coaching? I don't really have the words... To say they have been transformational would be true, but still wouldn't accurately explain how far I feel I've come."

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