Is the time right?

If you know me, you will know I have a voracious appetite for reading books. You may not know how I select the books that I am going to read. Have you heard of the classic “How to win friends...


Waiting for the Rugby Ball to Bounce

Anyone who has ever played or even watched the game of rugby knows that it is best not to let the ball bounce. Because of its odd shape it is very difficult to predict where it will bounce to. That...


Are You Ready?

So as the clock keeps on ticking and day passes lockdown day and week passes lockdown week, and the initial panic starts to fade I wonder what you are going to do now? For many the time might be just...


The Importance of Getting to Action

The psychological journey that we refer to as the grief cycle is particularly relevant to us all right now. Often referred to as the five stages of grief or the Kübler-Ross model it tracks our psychological state from denial, through...


Which W are you?

A friend, fellow Scaling Up Coach and red wine drinker from the USA has noticed that businesses are falling into four categories in the current climate. An interesting observation. Which one most closely represents your position? There are challenges and...


Leading in a crisis

A Framework for Leading in a Crisis To call these unprecedented times is a euphemism. Nobody has ever experienced what we are experiencing now in businesses across the world. I am continuing to do what I have been doing for...


“How to build an ‘A’ Team”

The Seven Attributes of The CEO #5 The fifth of the seven attributes of the CEO is an obvious one. So obvious in fact that you may call it a statement of the obvious, but the fact that it is...


“Have you yet to create a near perfect work/life balance”?

The Seven Attributes of The CEO #4 Talk of work life balance is often, at best, naïve and almost always unhelpful. The individuals who are so smitten by the entrepreneurial bug that they forgo the safety of a normal job...


“Can you differentiate between fact and fiction?'”

The Seven Attributes of The CEO #3 Like any master of any craft the great CEO will have access to and complete mastery of a great set of tools. A CEO is a craftsman, although the craft she is master...


The Seven Attributes of The CEO Part 2

The Seven Attributes of The CEO #2 I have been very lucky in my working life. I have had the pleasure of working with some truly excellent leaders and also of working with some pretty poor leaders. I would literally...


The Seven Attributes of The CEO

The Seven Attributes of The CEO People aren’t logical, they are psychological. It is important that we understand the full import of this simple meme. Human beings are not logical beings who are capable of doing emotions. We are emotional...


“Do you have a self-development plan?”

Does your business feel like it has stalled? Has it plateaued? Or flatlined? Reason # 10 Very few are blessed (or cursed) with the courage and determination that is going to make it work. So count yourself in that very...

- Lynn Beasley - Washington Direct Mail

"Whenever I achieve anything or whenever I am told what a good business we have I silently thank you for giving me the confidence to continue."

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