Relationships in your business.

Chief Executives are recruited for their business acumen and fired for their lack of emotional intelligence, or so goes a quote in Daniel Goleman’s best-selling book ‘Emotional Intelligence’. I had a business owner tell me the other day that he...


How often do you review?

Review Preview Many business owners spend a lot of time in reviews. They review their business’s performance for yesterday, last week, last month. They may review the performance of their marketing department, their sales department. They regularly review their people...


Where would we be without curiosity?

Stay Curious Where would we be without curiosity? Carol Dweck differentiated between the growth mindset and the fixed mindset in her now famous book “Mindset”. Basically, a person with a fixed mindset believes that they have been dealt a fixed...


Do you have a BHAG in Your Business?

It’s an Emotional Business Someone once said that nothing great was ever achieved without passion and yet we very often ignore the power passion and emotion play in business. Being business-like often implies the absence of emotion. It implies cold,...


Play To Your Strengths

Play to Your Strengths Of course it makes perfect sense. When we play to our strengths we can achieve greater results with less effort. Playing to our strengths is less stressful and we can improve quicker and go further when...


Is the culture in Your Business Contagious?

Chief Energy Officer A colleague of mine recently reminded me that the initials CEO also stands for Chief Energy Officer and he is so right. The amount of energy the CEO brings to the business, every day, either positive or...


Running a business which is rewarding, energising and fun.

A Thing of Beauty So often I see business owners who are not in a good place. The business isn’t working as it should. The people are causing them hassle, heartache and headaches. There are money worries, sleepless nights, confidence...


The skills to nurture rookies in your industry and business.

On Youth One of the biggest advantages of being your own boss is that you get the chance to do stuff that you enjoy doing rather than stuff that you have to do. Incidentally, that is also one of the...


How often do we bite off more than we can chew?

Just Enough Recently I have seen a number of examples of businesses and departments struggling because they have been under-managed and under-led. Consequently not only did the financial performance suffer but the general morale and the engagement of the team...


Are you the polymath you need to be?

Are you the polymath you need to be? One of the things I have always loved about running a business is that there is no place to hide. Whether the organisation makes a profit or not, whether the customer toilets...


Going into Business Yourself?

Being in Business Someone once said “Going into business for yourself, becoming an entrepreneur, is the modern-day equivalent of pioneering on the old frontier.” I can’t find the source of this quote but it resonates deeply with me. Becoming an...


The Value of Great Mentors

I would argue that great mentors are few and far between. Sir John Whitmore (pioneer of coaching in the workplace and co-creator of the most widely used coaching model GROW) taught me an exercise some years ago. He asked the...

- Craig Armstrong - R S & C Armstrong

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