24th June 2020

Chance to reset

If you are preparing to reopen your business after lockdown, or even if you are already open now is a great opportunity to make things different, an opportunity to reset. Often the best time to make a change is when there are already other changes happening. Now is the perfect time.


Think, if you will, about the culture in your business. Peter Drucker said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. The very best businesses in the world consistently out execute every other business and the ability to out execute isn’t just about systems and processes, it is about mindset. It is about the way we think and what we do. In other words, it is about culture.

We either have a very positive, productive, can do culture or a negative can’t do culture. How is yours? is it energising or energy sapping? Is it time to reset? Maybe you think your culture isn’t too bad but unless it is positively working for you it will surreptitiously be working against you and if so, it is definitely time to reset.


All relationships, whether that be a marriage, parent child, or boss employee work within a culture. Regardless of the relationship, certain ways of acting and showing up are permitted and acceptable and others are strictly out of bounds and inappropriate.

The trouble is that the culture we currently have is rarely one we have consciously designed and created. The culture in our businesses is a culture that has developed because of what we have tolerated and because of a lack of courage to address the problems of backbiting, excuses, blaming and missed deadlines. In short, we get what we tolerate.

Redesign the culture

If you want to reset, if you want to operate at a different level, consciously redesign the culture. Decide what you will and what you won’t tolerate. Reward what is good, positive and additive and expunge what is bad, negative and reductive. You may need to lose some people who can’t or wont comply, but everyone; customers, team members, shareholders, suppliers and particularly you, the leader will benefit from a better, more positive culture. Remember you get what you tolerate, so the culture is down to you. You will never have a better chance to make a change and reset than right now.