7th June 2021


The words below come from the foreword to ‘Culture Renovation and are written by Tom Rath. They are so powerful they are worth sharing.

Culture is the underlying fabric that holds an organization together. When the fabric is strong, groups can endure major challenges and thrive during better times. If the fabric is tattered, groups may manage to get by, but employees, projects, and clients fall through the gaps. In cases where the cultural fabric is falling apart, groups and organizations become so dysfunctional that they are a detriment to the health and well-being of their workers, customers, and clients.

As Kevin Oakes describes in the pages that follow, few things are as important to an organization’s long-term health as the culture that permeates its daily operations. Yet most companies have not spent enough time building a culture that produces sustainable benefits for the employees, customers, and communities they serve. As a result, employees show up each day and operate at a fraction of their capacity. Often, they go home with less energy than they had when they arrived. When a culture is unhealthy, customers take note. Employees’ family members notice and feel the residual ill effects. But it certainly does not need to be this way.

In my estimation, organizations are the single best way for increasing the collective well-being of society. If you think about this for a moment, we spend more waking hours at work than we do engaged in any other activity. Yet for most people, time at work is rated as one of the least enjoyable experiences in a day. This creates an enormous well-being gap—one that leaves limitless social good and potential productivity untapped.

If we close this well-being gap, workers can leave work with more energy than when they arrive. can be better friends, parents, and spouses when they get home. Employees will get involved in, and contribute more to, their communities. This starts when leaders focus on building a culture that serves a bigger purpose and demonstrably improves employees’ holistic well-being.

There are lots of challenges in the world but a business that is run well can benefit the world more than almost anything else, creating purpose, dignity, and wealth in honest and worthwhile work, but it is a competitive place in which to thrive. If you would like an edge and to significantly improve your business performance and expand your thinking please reach out.

Doing good by doing well.