17th November 2021

Customer Service is Dead

It can certainly feel that way these days if you try to buy something or access a service.

The pandemic has changed lots of things and our attitude to customers seems to be one of those things. I have noticed that opening hours have shortened, the days on which places are open have often changed and in too many cases the attitude to the customer has changed too.

I know things can be difficult, with all of the uncertainty, shortage of people, shortage of skills and difficult supply chains. However the role of a business is to provide value to their customer by solving a specific problem or set of problems and we forget that at our peril. Someone once said that the purpose of a business is to create raving fans. Delivering anything less than great service can be more harmful than almost anything else.

What we do is important. How we do it is what our reputation depends upon. The future health of our business depends upon our reputation. We need to guard our reputation closely. Reputations will be made or destroyed during these challenging times. Are you going to enhance yours or destroy it? It is a choice.

The irony is that smaller businesses have the best chance of building a great reputation and stealing a march on our larger and less agile competition. It isnt difficult but it does need focus. Like a lot of households we have struggled getting people to come out and do work at home. It is reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s and the worst of nationalised industries. Getting your phone/ electricity supply fixed in those days was a nightmare, believe me.

However yesterday a small business did some work on the guttering. The company came out when they said they would. They did what they said they would. They did it well. The bill was significant but we were happy to pay for a job well done and wrote a great testimonial for their website. Reputation enhanced. Their future brighter. Our lives easier. Everybody happy. It isnt difficult.

What do your customers think of you and your service? Are you asking them?

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