13th September 2018

Running a business which is rewarding, energising and fun.

A Thing of Beauty

So often I see business owners who are not in a good place. The business isn’t working as it should. The people are causing them hassle, heartache and headaches. There are money worries, sleepless nights, confidence is decreasing, frustration mounting and clouds gathering. The persistent stress and worry can be very debilitating heading inexorably to depression, burn out and breakdown. From that slough of despond, it is very difficult to imagine, let alone see an alternative. But it is there.

Seeing that change can happen

I am very lucky. I frequently experience business owners going from this dreadful state to the polar opposite end of the spectrum, enjoying what they are doing, making money, being successful and having fun. From either extreme, the opposite position seems to be unimaginable but both are real enough.

Running your dream Business

In one of the business models, I often use there is a level called synergy. At synergy business really is a blast. If you have ever really dreamed about running a business which is rewarding energising and fun you have been dreaming about a business at the synergy level. At the synergy level, you are in control of the business. It no longer controls you. You have sufficient control over the market that you can heat it up or cool it down as you wish. You can manipulate the market rather than the market manipulating you. You have systems and processes to simplify things and the leverage to make things that might have once been difficult easy. As almost the crowning glory you top this off with a capable, competent team who are all committed to the same end game and are working enthusiastically to get everyone there. As I say it is a blast. It is fun. It is rewarding. It is a thing of beauty.

Business isn’t static

It is also transient. It doesn’t often last long. Like the British weather, it doesn’t stay that way forever. Except the changes appear to be more random; less predictable. Things change. Things expand, or contract; stuff outside your control happens and so the game changes. Business isn’t static. It is a dynamic entity on an ever-shifting stage. Like your garden, or your body or your life, a little neglect can cause significant damage in a very short time. However, you can be comforted that the state of synergy can thankfully be reached again and again with a degree of know-how and skill.

It may not be easy, but anyone can do it if they are prepared to learn what they have to learn and do what they have to do. Once you have learned how it gets easier each time to reach that thing of beauty and the journey is worth it.

There is a poster on my wall that says success comes from doing the right things, in sufficient quantities over a long enough period of time. It is well worth learning what those right things are.

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