13th June 2013

DWHSHGTD by Ian Kinnery

“Inward Honesty” is how my English teacher defined integrity and even at a very young age I was aware that being a person of integrity was an important and valuable thing.

As I have gotten older I find I have used the word integrity more frequently and attached more and more importance and significance to it. Integrity is something that I look for in people and value highly in those that exhibit it.

However I often find that it is one of those words which we use but which we have never really bothered to stop and work out exactly what it is that we mean by it.

Sure we talk about integrity but what do we really mean by it?

Personally I have moved on from the definition I accepted so readily as a school boy.

Someone once said that words don’t have meanings they have uses. For me Integrity is used to describe an accumulation of actions. The action of doing what we say we are going to do insistently, persistently and consistently.

Integrity is more than something we feel it is something that we do. It is about something more than talking the talk, it is about walking the talk. It is about living out the values that we espouse.

A person of integrity does what he says he is going to do. That is why those 8 letters DWHSHGTD are so important.