20th January 2021

Elite or Mediocre

I don’t know too many professional athletes, but those I do know generally have one thing in common which is a knowledge of, an understanding of and respect for their bodies.

Of course, an athlete’s body is the ‘instrument’ that they play. They need to know how to optimise its performance. It is a skillset that they need to learn if they want to be an elite performer. I once watched one international rugby player go through a 90 minute ritual warm up just to make sure he was ready to take the field in a club game. It is meticulous preparation that often separates the elite from the mediocre.

For the leaders among us our ‘instrument’ is our mind. We need to know, understand and have respect for our minds in a similar way if we want to be elite performers.

Richard Bandler noted that “People spend more time learning how to use a food processor than they do learning how to use their brains.

The good news is that we can learn how to use our minds. Those skills are coachable. We can develop what Susan David calls Emotional Agility.

Today more than ever we need leaders to be elite performers. Given the ever shifting sand of our VUCA world leaders need to be able to absorb fear and exude hope. We cannot do this without adequate preparation. We can’t live on a junk food diet, turn up at the game with a minute to spare and expect to deliver an elite performance.

I wonder how you are preparing to be the leader your family and your team need every day.

Doing good by doing well. A well led business will benefit the world more than almost anything else.

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