28th November 2013

Have You Decided Yet? by Ian Kinnery

Well have you? Decided yet, I mean.
Have you decided what your number is for 2014?
Have you got a key number for 2014 yet?
There is always one key number which can drive lots of our activity and I wonder what yours is and whether you have chosen it yet.
What sort of number do I mean? Well it might be the percentage growth that you are targeting for the next year, either in turnover or in profit. It might be your target weight, it might be the number of your child’s events that you will attend, or the number might be zero- the number of your child’s significant events that you are going to miss (birthdays, plays, events). It might be the number of holidays you are going to have or the number of new businesses you are going to open or the people you are going to employ.
If you haven’t set your number, now would be a good time to do it. There are only 33 days left of 2013 and you would want to hit 2014 running wouldn’t you?
So how are you going to choose your number?
Notice I say number, singular, not numbers, plural. Why? Because there are lots of numbers in our lives and the danger is that we often try to focus on too many of them and we lose the significance of “the number” in all of the noise. And the power of focus is one of the most powerful mental tools we have available to us.
So, how to choose the number for you?
There are certain numbers that will drive lots of action and perhaps lots of other numbers. Think of it this way. Imagine a huge table covered with lots of dominos stood on their ends. If the objective were to knock over as many dominos as possible there might be many courses of action available to us, but with a bit of forethought and planning we might be able to select one domino that when knocked over would cause a chain reaction and cause many others to fall over too. Think of that domino as “the number”. In air travel the number zero has been that number. In order to get to zero accidents we have seen air travel transformed over the last decade or so and this will continue until we get to zero. July 27 2012 was the number that transformed the UK. That was the start date for the London Olympics and the number that drove all kinds of other actions. Our intense focus on it made all kinds of things happen.
The power of focus works in our favour here. To powerfully focus on one number will help drive other actions and performances.
Now would be a good time to decide your number, your one number for 2014; the one number that is going to be the thing that drives all other things.
What is it for you?