4th August 2021

Heroes all

It is a time for appreciating our heroes and heroines. We are in the midst of the delayed Olympics. Once again we are witnessing extraordinary feats all around. The British and Irish Lions are in South Africa competing well in what to me is the most challenging of all team games.

It is a great time for elite sport and commentators will often refer to the mental aspect of elite sporting performance. I would argue that success in business is very similar.

It takes a similar dedication to a journey of constant improvement to perform at elite levels and for businesses to really perform well they need similar levels of teamship and strategy that all other high performing teams show.

This doesn’t happen by accident. The person or the team at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there. It takes courage, hard work and resilience.

Jim Rohn noted that “your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development”. Like elite athletes, leaders only become elite leaders by pursuing a regime of constant and challenging personal development. Learning, developing and improving as they go.

So spare a thought for all of those dedicated business people who do what they do every day, to the highest level that they can without any additional motivation of medal ceremonies or being publicly lauded, and in doing so provide dignity through meaningful work to their teams and value to their customers. That is truly worthy of our appreciation.

There are lots of challenges in the world but a business that is run well can benefit the world more than almost anything else, creating purpose, dignity, and wealth in honest and worthwhile work, but it is a competitive place in which to thrive. If you would like an edge and to significantly improve your business performance and expand your thinking please reach out.


Doing good by doing well.