17th May 2021

How much does business coaching cost?

This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions for anyone thinking about developing themselves and their business. As you might imagine it is not an easy question to answer. There are all sorts of variable factors that will affect the pricing structure.

In the interests of full disclosure I am a professional business coach, which means that I do business coaching for a living. That is how I feed myself and my family. In all honesty I don’t know exactly what or how others charge so I can only talk about how much it costs to work with me, and even then there are a large amount of variables.

However I believe in full transparency and the impact that good coaching will have and you will need to have all the information to make the most appropriate decision for you.

I only engage with clients on a rhythmic basis. I will meet with clients on a regular rhythm- usually weekly to begin. During each session we will discuss the client’s business and challenges and at the end of each session the client will choose what they are going to implement from our discussions. They will commit to certain actions and the next time we meet they will report back on the difference those actions have made. Coaching isnt about a transfer of knowledge, it is about changing behaviours to become more effective, so the magic happens between sessions rather than during the sessions.

When the progress has been good we can move on, and when little or no progress has been made we will examine why that should be and take corrective action. It is for that reason that I, personally, don’t promote fixed length programs although some coaches will.

Research has shown that the best way to learn is through regular learning sessions and the best way to develop skills is through regularly practicing and feedback. My method optimises both in a rhythmic and effective pattern.

So the typical variables relate to how much time we spend together and the frequency with which we meet.

It is unlikely that I will ever coach a new client at less than a weekly rhythm and for less than an hour a week. In my experience anything less won’t show improvement quickly enough to provide measurable value and create enough momentum. The client will need to commit to spending enough time implementing what they have learned to make measurable improvement. A rough rule of thumb is that the coachee will need to commit about twice as much time as they spend face to face with me working on their business implementing the things we have committed to.

I charge for a month at a time, irrespective of whether the month is 4 or 5 weeks long.

Therefore you can expect to pay from £2,500 up to £3,500 per month for one to one business coaching.