26th March 2015

It is your choice

Team Massive Result’s Thursday’s Thoughts

It is your choice

Never underestimate the power that choice plays in our lives. Steven Covey once wrote that “Next to life itself, the power to choose is your greatest gift”. And so it is, perhaps.
Wherever we are, whatever we are, we are there because it is the total of all of the choices that we have made so far. So choose well.
Choice is always connected with awareness and responsibility, like three sides of a triangle. They are interdependent.
Awareness is about knowing the situation and knowing the situation with clarity and remember clarity is power. Awareness is about understanding the options and having the flexibility to choose between them.
Responsibility is about understanding our own part and our own power in the decisions we make. Responsibility is about trust and particularly trust in our own inner resources to make things happen.
The more you trust the easier it will be to be aware. The more aware you are the easier it will be to see your choices. Each side of this triangle supports and augments the other.
Coaching is the mechanism that we use to help people understand this relationship. Coaching takes place in an atmosphere of ownership accountability and responsibility for our own actions and the process of coaching develops the awareness of the range of choices and the flexibility to make those choices.

“Life is the sum of all your choices.” said Albert Camus but we don’t all necessarily see having choice as a blessing. To many it is a curse as Kafka once wrote “our cultural instinct is to find a place to hold us, a spot where we are safe from the responsibility/obligation/opportunity to choose. Because if we choose, then we are responsible, aren’t we?”
Choice can be intimidating. Choice can be frightening. Choice can be threatening; or choice can be our greatest gift. It is your choice. What are you going to choose?

Our next free seminar is called “Its Your Choice”. We will be focusing on helping you to be aware of the range and depth of choices available to you in your business.

– Ian Kinnery, Business Coach
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