28th February 2013

It’s Choice not Chance by Ian Kinnery

“Next to life itself, the power to choose is your greatest gift” so said Steven Covey. Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom we get to choose, all of the time; every minute of every day.

We get to choose all sorts of things. We get to choose our attitude. We get to choose our commitment, we get to choose our mood and we get to choose our definition of success and our level of success.

Often these choices are not conscious choices, and so we make them without realizing that we are making them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t choices. Most of the time we are unaware that we are making choices, and so we are rarely aware of the strategies and the criterion that we are using to make those choices.

Perhaps it is because the knowledge that we have the power to choose is so frightening that we choose to ignore that we are choosing. The knowledge that we have a choice brings with it a responsibility, to make the best choice and that takes real personal courage.

One of the things that a good coach will help with is the awareness of the choices we have and the fact that our life story is the total of all of the consequences of all of those choices.

All choices have consequences.
I wonder how well any of us truly understands the choices we are making day by day, and the possible consequences of those choices. Good coaching is sometimes about lifting those choices from the unconscious into the conscious mind gently and respectfully so the coachee can examine them for herself in order to learn and perhaps make better choices next time.

If you knew you will be successful, what would you choose? What would you choose to do? What would you choose to be, in your life and in your business?

To Your Success

Ian Kinnery