1st February 2011

Keys To The Vault

Talking to business owners who are trying to improve their performance, I am often struck with the feeling that they are looking for the one “Golden Key” which will unlock the vault of business success.

I often hear things like, “if we just had more clients, everything would be good”. Or “if we could just market ourselves better, we would be making good money”. I understand the desire to find the difference that makes the difference and the simple assumption is that we are only missing that one thing.

Reality, I have found, is usually very different. It rarely is just that one thing. People pursue “better marketing” to find that they often can’t convert the leads they might generate, or they recruit a sales specialist but don’t know how to manage or direct him or her. They may even step up their performance only to lose their newly gained clients through inadequate production and distribution.

To get some kind of an idea how interlinked business systems are just ask yourself how many problems would your business face if sales were to increase by 100%? How would the current systems, skills, knowledge and attitudes handle that level of increase? It would be like putting a powerful, modern engine in a car designed in the 1950s!

You see there is not one Golden Key to the vault of business success. There are lots of them. If you want to be able to open that particular vault you will need to be able to step up you and your teams performance in lots of areas.

All of that can be done, yes it may take a little time and indeed a lot of effort but the results will be worth it in the long run.

And because we don’t know what we don’t know it is impossible for us to decide what skills, attitudes and knowledge we need to acquire, so find someone who can help guide and coach you through this journey of growth and development to become the business leader you deserve to be.