12th March 2014

Learn Something New! by Ian Kinnery

The rate of change in the modern world is more rapid and expansive than it has ever been. The renowned Management consultant, educator and author Peter Drucker once said “My ancestors were printers in Amsterdam from 1510 or so until 1750, and during that entire time they didn’t have to learn anything new.”

And once upon a time that was true, you could learn the skills of a printer, or a carpenter and never need to learn anything new your whole career through. The young people of today, it is estimated, will have up to four career shifts in their lifetime and so it follows that if they want to attain any degree of proficiency they will need to be constantly learning.

Add to that the fact that the complexities involved in most careers are so great that there is so much more to learn I would suggest today we cannot say that we were doing a job between 15.10 p.m. and 17.50 p.m. without having to learn something new.

Brian Tracy wrote “People create their own success by learning what they need to learn and then by practicing it until they become proficient at it.”

The number one currency of success has become our ability to learn, quickly and to practice proficiently.

So I wonder what have we learned today that is new, about ourselves, about our businesses, about our industry about how life and the world works? What strategies do we have to make sure we are constantly learning? Of course learning will happen by accident but not at a sufficient pace and not necessarily in the areas that we might need most. So what are we deliberately doing to make sure our learning is keeping us ahead of the curve?

Equally as important, I wonder, what we have done today to practice until we become proficient. Again there is a lot of difference between doing something and deliberately practicing something. We all drive but few of us use the act of driving as deliberate practice to improve.

What if we were to set ourselves a target of learning something new each day and practicing to become proficient?

What difference would that make?

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