24th November 2021

Letting Go

When we start out on our careers or as a start up business the rules are pretty clear, if it needs doing we need to do it. So at the start of a business the founder does everything or it just doesn’t get done. We demonstrate our value by doing more stuff better than everybody else. That is how it works.

A successful, mature business leader works very differently. She probably doesn’t do much, if any, of the ‘guts’ of the business. I cannot imagine that Bill Gates writes any code now. Richard Branson doesn’t fly any of his planes and the chances are the leaders of the worlds greatest fashion houses can’t use a sewing machine. Yet the jobs they do are extremely influential, important and valuable, but they are different jobs. They both require skill, energy and attitude but not the same skills, energy or attitude. The value proposition is different.

One of the challenges is letting go of whatever it was that got us here so that we can embrace what it is that will get us there. Letting go is difficult, make no mistake. Just try writing with the other hand for a day or even driving a different route to the office. Habit drags us back. We simply don’t have the capacity to embrace the new whilst our arms are full of the old.

How we think about time is a classic example. We have probably been raised to believe that hard work – long exhausting hours doing stuff- is the way to get ahead. That is a very difficult set of habits and beliefs to drop but nothing kills creativity like fatigue and when we get beyond the start up phase and into the scale up phase and beyond exhaustion won’t serve you anywhere near as well as energy, creativity and enthusiasm. Apart from ow you think about time and energy what else do you need to let go of?

I am on a mission to help business leaders get better financial results with less stress and more time to enjoy it and I promise by committing to working with me, you will feel better, more hopeful, more optimistic, more confident and less stressed. You will grow. Your business will grow in sales, profits and value. You will have a happier, more committed and engaged team and your quality of life will improve.  www.kinnery.co.uk