7th November 2013

Leverage Through OP by Ian Kinnery

The words below come from a coach of mine Keith Cunningham and I can’t think of a better way to say it so I have reproduced his words here.

“Businesses require leverage to grow past a certain point. The leverage of “OP”… Other People…is critical because without OP the founder will have to do it all and there is a limit to how much anyone can do.

When a business is small, the owner is compensated for their time and effort. The more time and the greater the effort, the greater the return… up to a point. When you run out of time, returns stagnate, growth falters, as does quality of service, quality of life and pleasure of ownership.

I know of no single more important factor to sustainably grow a successful business than to have the best people on your team and creating a culture in which they can thrive.

Thinking Time:
• What should be getting done that is not getting done because I am doing the minor and not the major things?
• What should I be doing which would add more value?
• What am I currently doing that could be done by someone else?
• What can I (and only I) do?
• If I only had someone on my team who could ________, I double the size of my business.
• If my future success is 100% dependent on the support of others, whose support do I need?”

Our ability to leverage other people, most specifically, our team members is critical to move beyond a business that is totally dependent on the business owner. A

nd there is another level of leverage which comes when we do not only manage team members but when we manage managers who manage team members.

Managing managers multiplies the leverage in a business and is one of the most difficult and confounding set of skills for anyone who is growing a business to have to learn. Our ability to manage and get the most from our leadership team is the difference that makes the difference and leads to a step change in the dynamics of a business.