29th August 2013

Multiply your Enterprise by Leading Leaders by Ian Kinnery

When we recruit a follower, we increase our enterprise by a single person. When we recruit a leader we potentially multiply our enterprise by the number of followers the new leader can attract and lead to the cause, and then some because we can access the multiplier effect that a great team can demonstrate.

As we have already said leading leaders is a much more challenging task than leading followers but many more times more profitable. That is why we see great leaders who can quickly multiply the size and success of an enterprise by their ability to engage with the best leaders and then continue to lead and challenge them to ever greater achievements.

That is why when enterprises fail it is usually the leader that pays the price. When a business is taken over, often the first casualties are the people at the top of the organisation. The argument is that had they been up to leading the organisation it would not have been taken over.

The art and science of leadership contains many paradoxes and one of them is that the higher we rise, the less secure we are; the more we control, the less in control we are. The more we try to control, the less successful we will be. We need to be confident, but not arrogant, sure but never certain.

A little like a golfer who tries to hit the ball a long way, or a sprinter trying to put in his best time, trying too hard can be counter productive. It will cause you to tighten up, lose your rhythm and not perform to your maximum. The interesting thing is that golfers and sprinters get to practice many many times between the events that matter. When do you get that opportunity to practice and develop your leadership skills?