29th July 2020

On Leadership Post Covid

Leading a business can be the best fun you can have with your clothes on. Being at the head of a business that is making money, growing and doing well gives a feeling like no other.

But we all know that life isn’t always plain sailing. Running a business is never straightforward and it is when a business isn’t performing as it should or as it could that sorts the wheat from the chaff.

When a business seems to be going backwards, as many are right now, is when leadership is most necessary and most difficult. There are a couple of people that I know whose sales departments are really struggling. Sales, above all, is about confidence and resilience. It is difficult to visualise a defeated sales team performing well and so the challenge for the sales leader is how to keep the team, optimistic, enthusiastic and putting the effort in when all of the indicators are screaming doom and gloom. But quite frankly, that is the job. That’s why leaders get paid the big bucks. They must find a way to keep the team optimistic and functioning whilst facing the brutal facts.

Remember the primary role of the leader is to elevate the people she leads. We can’t do that by beating them up. It isn’t easy. That is why modern leadership is about so much more than the carrot and stick approach. We have to be better than that.

The biggest boost you can give any business is to increase the ‘leadership quotient’, that magic measure of leadership effectiveness. Now would be a great time to focus on your leadership effectiveness.

Who are the best judges of your leadership? The people you lead, of course. In the same way as your customers are the best judges of your product or service. No one else’s opinion matters.

I am currently running some 360-degree feedback for leaders who would improve their leadership behaviour using the Global Leaders Assessment. As Robert Burns pointed out what a gift it is to see ourselves as others see us. Imagine how you could improve if you were brave enough to look at that information?