4th June 2020

Passion, Risk and Courage

I recently came upon this quote from Joan Of Arc:

‘I know this now.

Everyman gives his life to what he believes.
Every woman gives her life for what she believes.
Sometimes people believe in little or nothing and so they give their lives to little or nothing…’

It reminded me of the importance of passion, of fervent belief, if we want to achieve something and particularly something of significance. Nothing great was ever achieved without passion.


Thirteen years ago this week, a friend of mine was killed in practice for the Isle of Man TT. He was killed instantly when he hit a patch of oil at about 160 mph. He had already won an incredible 9 TT’s and set the fastest ever lap. Even on the day he died he set the fastest practice lap. His family and friends will say that ‘he died doing what he loved doing’. His headstone bears these words. “Those who risk nothing do nothing, achieve nothing, become nothing”.
Passion, risk and courage are an inevitable part of creating something of significance in any life.
So I was particularly uplifted to see a post from a colleague on social media who described going back to work as like falling in love with business all over again.

Renewed Energy

The enforced shutdown will have different effects on different people. Some will return with renewed energy, vision and enthusiasm to do even better work and provide even better value while others will have gone the other way.
I wonder where you are on the passion, risk and courage scale and what great things are you going to create as the whistle blows to start again. Do you have the attitude, skills and knowledge to help those dreams come true?

Attitude, Skills and Knowledge

A good business, run well, benefits all stakeholders, team members, customers, and the country. Lets get back to business with renewed energy, vision and enthusiasm and match it with the attitude skills and knowledge to achieve even greater things.