23rd January 2014

Pinch Point by Ian Kinnery

If we were studying flow dynamics we would be well aware that the capacity of a pipe or a road is governed by the pinch point, or the narrowest constriction. In other words where the capacity is least.

It is the same in business. We say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so where is the weakest link in a business? It is my belief that more often than not the weakest link in a business is the people at the top, the business owners or the business leaders.

I do not mean that to sound insulting. It is a fact and when you think about it an inevitable fact. Very often when people choose to open a business that decision is based upon a set of technical skills or abilities. The business owner is a very good baker, accountant, hairdresser or has a specific idea. But growing and leading a successful business depends upon much more than technical expertise.

Vidal Sassoon did not become a global brand by being a better hairdresser, Richard Branson’s success is not based on his ability to pack and post music albums better than he did 30 years ago. Bill Gates did not become so wealthy by spending all of his time coding.

You see whatever our skillset going in, success in business depends upon developing an expertise in the business of business.

Businesses are incredibly complex, at one level, and leading a business successfully and over a long period depends on a set of significant and complex skills; skills which we don’t necessarily have at the beginning but which we need to develop if we want to have a successful and sustainable enterprise.

The other significant irony is that the person least likely to know what skills, attitudes and behaviour we are missing is ourselves.

You see we all know what we know but we don’t know what we don’t know and as my coach says “it is what we don’t know that costs us”.

So a key question is what are you doing to remove the pinch points in your business?

Jim Rohn said “Never wish that life were easier, wish that you were better”. Sound advice for all of us.

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