2nd September 2021

Play to your strengths

Running a small business and a big business are very different things. I know I have done both.

Small businesses often fall into the trap of trying to do what big companies do. That is usually a big mistake.

It is really important that we play to our strengths, so understand the strengths that you have as a business of your size and play to those strengths. Don’t try to copy someone else. It wont work.

When they zig, you zag. Every move that big companies make leaves room for a small company to offer an alternative. So as supermarkets reduce the number of assistants on the till and expect the customers to serve themselves, there is room for specialists to offer bespoke service. As bigger companies perpetuate AI and recorded messages, it leaves room for others to guarantee to answer the phone in 3 rings with a proficient person. As the mass market moves relentlessly towards sameness and standardisation it leaves room for others to offer individual and bespoke.

And the great thing is that with the internet we don’t have to broadcast to everybody, we can narrowcast to those people who will buy what we have to sell. That may not be everybody, it doesn’t need to be, it just needs to be enough.

I am on a mission to help business leaders get better financial results with less stress and more time to enjoy it and I believe that when businesses are well run they benefit everybody; employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and leaders alike.

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