15th July 2020


Traditionally New Year is a good time to set goals and plans for the coming year. Birthdays and holidays provide other great opportunities, because it encourages us to stop, reflect and judge whether we are still on course to make of our lives what we would choose to make of our lives, and initiate the necessary course corrections.

The lifting of lockdown and the returning to some form of normality is another of those opportunities except that for many of us the pause button has been pressed for much longer and so we have had the opportunity to do much more reflection, reading and learning. I wonder how much clearer we are about what we want to create now.

I think there have been some shifts in our perceptions of the importance and dignity of work. The Thursday night clap in recognition of our key workers immediately comes to mind. It is wonderful that the whole nation felt compelled to show their appreciation of the important work that key workers do.

But I wonder, do they still feel appreciated? The work is no less important today, but it may have a wider focus than the pandemic. Because of this this there isn’t the same laser like focus that caused the public to stand on their doorsteps a few short weeks ago, however all of those workers deserve to know that their work is valuable, necessary and appreciated.

How is that supposed to happen in more ‘normal’ times? We may occasionally get thanked by the people we serve, and I believe that a lot more of that wouldn’t go amiss! But largely the responsibility of letting someone know that the work they are doing is important, valued and appreciated falls to us, the leaders, the colleagues and the teammates.

As you think about the new world that you want to create post Covid, you might want to plan how you are going to enable every person in your firm to feel like a valued member of a winning team on an inspiring mission. It won’t happen by accident but when you achieve it, you won’t only have a better business but you will be helping to create a better world.