19th May 2015

Still Loving Lean

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog called Loving Lean about the spectacular results and innovations that an engaged and committed team can deliver and I am still buzzing with the thought and from the comments I have received so are many of you.

Earlier this week I was doing some Senior Leadership Team coaching with a local potential Gazelles business and one of the team started a conversation about excellence in sport. He referred me to some books that I hadn’t read (which are now ordered and en route) and I spoke about Clive Woodward’s book, “Winning”.

If you haven’t read “Winning”, do so. I have described it as the ‘best non-business business book ever written’. There are so many principles that came from the world of business which Sir Clive employed in creating the 2003 world cup winning machine that we can all learn from, including the use of a Business Coach.

For people who are serious about their executive education chapter 14 “Changing Our Organisation” and chapter 23 “Discovery-One Team” are particularly pertinent.I felt compelled to take the book down from the library and reread it and once again I was inspired.

What inspire me above all, I think, are stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary results. I love hearing about individuals who overcome the odds to achieve something significant, but most of all I love hearing about groups of people who by working together achieve something incredible.

Surely there can be no finer legacy than to be a part of a group of people who achieve something extraordinary, whatever that may be. It may be putting a man on the moon, or it may be running the best hot food store in the town. Anyone who has played competitive sport will relate to the pride in winning, anyone who has run a marathon, sung in a choir, played in a band or contributed to a worthy cause will recognise the satisfaction in being the best they can be. To perform well as part of a team, to give of one’s best when working alongside one’s fellow man has to be one of the most fulfilling of all human activities.This thought is particularly poignant as we remember the anniversary of VE day.

The real privilege of being a business owner or business leader is that it gives us the opportunity to create an environment in which our team can perform at their best and achieve extraordinary results.

It was Margaret Mead who said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” As leaders isn’t it our responsibility and honour to create an opportunity for our small group of thoughtful committed citizens to play at their very best and change the world for the better?

Team Massive Results will be publishing their schedule of free seminars for the summer season within the next couple of weeks. Please visit the website for details or make contact to see how we can help you to help your team produce extraordinary results.